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Sagaz is a fine artist born in 1988 in Maceió, Alagoas, Brazil. His professional journey as an artist began in 2013, exploring a variety of techniques such as stencil, wheatpaste, digital art, screen printing, acrylic painting, graffiti, charcoal drawing, and oil painting. In 2015, he immersed himself in the world of graffiti, adopting the technique of calligraphy and drawing inspiration from the elegance of Gothic and Arabic calligraphy, which brought a unique approach to his work on the streets. In search of new experiences, Sagaz moved to São Paulo in 2019. During the pandemic of 2020, he found inspiration in a challenging period. Tired of only seeing people's eyes, which often conveyed sad and fearful looks as he navigated the big city, the artist chose to depict female figures without eyes, emphasizing the nose and mouth, in a sensitive response to the moment when people covered their faces due to the COVID-19 pandemic, an attempt to see and rescue the expressions that were behind the masks. These bust portraits, characterized by calligraphy replacing the eyes, became his trademark. Through his art, Sagaz seeks to provoke reflections on the complexity of the human condition and how we face adversities. The name "Sagaz" emerged as an expression that refers to the cleverness of Brazilians in the streets, which fit the moment when Sagaz began to explore the streets with graffiti. This choice reflects not only his art but also his connection to the culture of the urban environment. His artistic journey is a constant quest for new forms of expression and meaning, challenging the conventional boundaries of art.

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